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Fashion with a Mission

Like with any successful business endeavour, Meraki Beach was born from a point of passion. Before we had progressed to designing and creating our own collections, we started off in April of 2018 as a small company who simply loved fashion, spending our time and effort into marketing and selling other designer’s work online. We found that while we loved the opportunity to reach people from all over the world and introduce them to unique boho brands, there was still so much more we wanted to achieve. So, we began to think of what else we could do that would be true to us, that could be successful but also to help others in the process. It had always been a dream of ours to design our own clothes, but the commitment to selling the work of other designers had made it difficult to find the time to dive deep into our own ambitions. However, once we realised that this was the route we wanted to take, a chance meeting with a colleague, who has since become a good friend, helped transform our dream into reality.

Empowering Women

Meraki Beach is proud to be a female-founded company that empowers women every day through our work, creating and selling beautiful and fiercely ethical clothing. While we have a passion for providing high-quality clothing to people across the world who want to look and feel beautiful, we also believe clothing can be a source of power and security for women too, and therefore have committed ourselves to making a real difference. Our brand is therefore dedicated to creating 100% silk hand-dyed resort wear made ethically in Mumbai by an amazing group of empowered female workers.

We pride ourselves on creating safe working conditions and making sure that the people we employ are being treated exceptionally well. Each woman we employ has been rescued from poverty and hardship or human trafficking in India and we are proud to employ them to help bring security and safety back into a life otherwise marked by abuse and trauma. According to estimates, 20 to 65 million people in India are affected by human trafficking, with women and girls being trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation and forced marriage. There are some areas in India where the sex ratio is overwhelmingly men, and therefore women are often kidnapped or sold to “solve” this crisis, despite the fact that this means abduction, abuse and, upsettingly often, rape.

Children are also treated awfully, taken from their families and sold either into a similar slavery, or subjected to forced labour within industrial, domestic and agricultural settings.

blue green silk maxi skirt and boho off shoulder top

While some women and girls can be rescued from these awful situations, that doesn’t automatically mean that their lives are any easier. In 2018, India was coined ‘the world’s most dangerous country for women’ by the Thomson Reuters Foundation. This surveyed 548 experts on six different indices which included healthcare, discrimination, human trafficking, non-sexual and sexual violence and cultural traditions. The figures of rape harassment, human trafficking and other forms of violence against women are only increasing with every year, so women require far more security and support than they are being given.

While we are only a small company and can therefore not expect to change an entire country’s issues, if we can help even a handful of women earn their own money and gain economic security, then we are going to commit ourselves to that whole-heartedly.

Our Collections

All of our collections are a direct tribute to all of the wonderful women who have made them. These fabulous ladies are the very heart & soul of this brand. We couldn’t go on this journey without them and they inspire everything we do and everything we are.

We would like to extend our thanks to each and every woman involved in our brand, Meraki Beach is incredibly thankful for your effort & contribution. With each purchase please know that you are contributing directly to the protection & empowerment of women who need you now more than ever.

Shibori – Hand dye Technique

Each one of our garments is entirely unique through our use of the ancient Japanese method of Shibori, which is a form of dying that creates a beautiful & eye-catching effect. This method of hand dying fabrics takes years & years to master and has been passed down through many generations.

This method is done through a folding of each garment in a certain method before being bound by string. The shape of the string upon the fabric will prevent the dye from penetrating it, therefore allowing for the dye to consume the parts of the fabric that have not been bound. The larger the shape that is folded and the more string that is used to bind it, the greater the area of undyed fabric, and therefore the more intricate the pattern that the garment is left with. Upon removing the fabric from the dyes and washing them with cold water, the garments then show off their individual patterns and colours. It’s a wonderful and ethical way of dying fabric that provides unique results for each piece – meaning that whatever you buy will truly be one of a kind.

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