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Fashion with a Mission

Like with any successful business endeavour, Meraki Beach was born from a point of passion. Before we had progressed to designing and creating our own collections, we started off in April of 2018 as a small company who simply loved fashion, spending our time and effort into marketing and selling other designer’s work online. We found that while we loved the opportunity to reach people from all over the world and introduce them to unique boho brands, there was still so much more we wanted to achieve. So, we began to think of what else we could do that would be true to us, that could be successful but also to help others in the process. It had always been a dream of ours to design our own clothes, but the commitment to selling the work of other designers had made it difficult to find the time to dive deep into our own ambitions. However, once we realised that this was the route we wanted to take, a chance meeting with a colleague helped transform our dream into reality.

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  • Empowering Communities

    Meraki Beach is proud to be a female-founded company that supports Artisans and their communities every day through our work, creating and selling beautiful and fiercely ethical clothing. While we have a passion for providing high-quality clothing to people across the world who want to look and feel beautiful, we also believe that the Fashion Industry can be a real source of power and security for women too, and therefore have committed ourselves to making a real difference. Our brand is therefore dedicated to empowering women and families in rural regions, supporting ethical and fair trade work production in small quantities. We are on a mission for Slow Fashion and fair trade. 

  • Our Collections

    All of our Collections are a direct tribute to all of the wonderful communities who have made them. These amazing people and their passion for producing beautiful, handcrafted pieces, are the very heart & soul of this brand. At Meraki Beach, we absolutely love discovering gorgeous, handmade items from all the corners of the World and bringing them to you. 

  • Organic Cotton & Linen fabrics

    From the first step of the design process to the manufacturing of our products, we want to protect the environment and choose raw materials with minimal strain on our planet. We are working hard to eliminate the harm that comes with the production of "fast fashion".  We are fully focused on transforming the fashion world into an environmentally friendly process.  We are committed to producing fashion combined with the nature of our designs and creating sustainability awareness.   For our designs we take our inspiration from nature, we focus on environmentally friendly components that will ensure the continuity of the Ecosystem. We use pure materials produced using sustainable methods.

  • Sustainability

    The sustainability of our products are as vital to us as their colour and style. The right materials and quality craftsmanship increase the sustainability of our designs. It is very important for us that our customers can wear our collections for many years, and for this purpose, we use materials that will meet these conditions in our production processes.  We take care to use materials produced in a nature-sensitive manner in all of our products. We select the ingredients of our raw materials from sustainable fibres and only use natural and organic materials.