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The Magic of Tulum – The perfect place for boho summer dresses (The magic of Tulum)

The mysterious resort of Tulum is situated on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula approximately 130 km south of Cancún. The original name of the site was Zama, which means sunrise. Tulum, which means wall, was the name given once this Mayan archaeological site was discovered. Tulum ruins are perched on 12 meter high cliffs facing the Caribbean Sea. It is the 3rd most visited site in Mexico and the most visited spot in the state of Quintana Roo. The site was inhabited as early as the 6th century when it was a major trading and religious center. Tulum is a rare city built by the Mayans because it is one of the few walled cities.

Aside from the natural wonders and gorgeous beaches, Tulum has some of the country’s best nightlife, from full moon beach parties at the legendary Papaya Playa Project to the uber popular Cuban bar on the central strip. This magical place is now a really popular destination for tourists wanting to experience something a little different, and lets be honest- its also the perfect place to wear boho style dresses in 100% silk hand-dyed resort wear colors. Tulum is host to many festivals throughout the year, one of these being the “Art With Me” festival. Held in 2019, this was Tulum’s very first Art’s & Ecoculture festival. This four day event used art as a platform to inspire change and personal growth; aiming to elevate the mind, body and planet. Part of this event, featured the the breath taking sculpture by Daniel Popper. Vacations are all about what we get to wear and the freedom it gives us, that’s part of what we try to create in our Meraki-beach resort wear – different style boho summer dresses

I can not wait to visit Tulum and all it’s mystical wonders!!
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