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Meraki Beach Empowering Women – Our Brand Ethos

Meraki Beach is a female-founded company that works to empower women every day. Creating high-quality and ethical clothing that will make you feel beautiful every time you wear it, we know you will also be excited to support our cause with your purchase. Our brand ethos makes Meraki Beach stand out from other clothing providers, and we are sure after learning more about the work that goes into our products, you’ll wear our clothing with pride.

Striving to Empower Women Every Day

Here at Meraki Beach, we are proud to be a female-founded company. Every day through our work, we strive to empower women and share the story of the women behind our brand. Our collections are a tribute to the women who have made each of the pieces, and they are dedicated to their new lives away from the pain and suffering of their past. The inspirational women who create our clothing have all been rescued from human trafficking in India, and our brand wouldn’t be what it is today without their inspiring attitude and determination. This journey wouldn’t have been possible without them, and their actions and their stories truly inspire everything that we do.

Ethically Made in Mumbai

Our brand is dedicated to creating 100% silk hand-dyed resort wear, which is all made in Mumbai by our incredible group of female workers. We are proud to share our fiercely ethical clothing with the world, and we know you’ll be impressed by the high quality of the products on offer. We know that clothing can completely transform how you feel about yourself, and all of our items are designed to make you feel beautiful both inside and out. Clothing has the ability to offer women power and security, and we are committed to making a real difference in the lives of both our customers and the women who create our collections.

Providing a Safe Place to Live and Work

While the women behind our collection cannot be personally identified as so many of them have been rescued from their past, our aim is to share their stories with the world to bring attention to this situation that still happens in India and worldwide today. We want to offer them a safe place to live and work along with their children. They are welcomed into our community with the aim of reducing the stress and worry that’s taken over the majority of their lives so far. We work alongside an inspiring charity called Purnata, which supports these women. They are responsible for helping them to escape their difficult past and years of suffering and Purnata helps to offer them the escape they need to lead a new life.

Meraki Beach aims to offer all of these women, many of whom are mothers and need to support their children, with work and better conditions than they have experienced previously. We run an excellent factory that offers higher wages than many similar operations, allowing them to support their family each day with their work. We also aim to empower these women by providing them with fulfilling work that they truly enjoy doing each day. All of our clothing is handmade in India, and you can be sure the proceeds from your purchase are supporting these women as they work to rebuild their lives.

A Tribute to the Women Who Make Our Collection

Every item in our online collection is a tribute to the women who have worked so hard to create these items of clothing. The next time you are looking for a unique gift for someone in your life, they’ll absolutely adore receiving something from Meraki Beach. Our collection is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and every item is inspired by the story of our brand and the women that made them. We are always incredibly thankful to the women we work with, and you can be sure your purchase is supporting them in rebuilding their lives and empowering them to feel confident and valued in their work. Many of these women have never had the opportunity to work in an environment such as ours.

By offering them a safe space to work in each day, you can be sure that their confidence and self-esteem are slowly being built up through their work.

Our brand ethos here at Meraki Beach is something we are incredibly proud to share with the world. Each time you purchase something from our store, you can be sure you will receive an item of the highest quality that was handmade in India. For more information about our products, make sure you browse our full collection to view the incredible work from our team.

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