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Escape to Azulik

If you are looking to get some winter sun this year, Azulik is a beautiful resort located in Tulum, Mexico. The resort is very aligned with our principles here at Meraki Beach, and it would be the ideal location to wear our Silk collections. Keep reading as we share more about this dream resort which you’ll no doubt be rushing to book after seeing how unique it is.

Visit Azulik in Tulum, Mexico
Tulum is one of the most popular locations in Mexico for visitors looking for an eco-friendly and unique stay. It attracts travellers from around the world, and Azulik is the ideal base for adults and couples to spend a week or two this winter. It’s located in the heart of the Mayan jungle and is a revolutionary project that aims to redefine human evolution and create a community of like-minded travellers. If you’ve looked up images of Tulum, Mexico, you’ve no doubt come across pictures of this resort, as it’s known for its treehouse-style buildings. You’ll feel like you are located within nature itself while still enjoying modern amenities fit for any luxury holiday.

Accommodation Options at Azulik
When it comes to booking your stay at Azulik, you’ll be impressed with the wide range of accommodation options. It’s an adults-only resort, and many of the rooms are open air. Keep in mind that there’s no air conditioning in the buildings, and electricity is limited, but you’ll find that this only adds to the immersive experience of the resort. There are 48 villas to choose from at Azulik, which offer different price points to fit your needs. There’s no electric light or television, so it’s the ideal location to reconnect with your partner and set the mood for a romantic trip. The accommodation is built in harmony with the surrounding Mayan jungle and the Caribbean Sea, and you’ll wake up every morning to witness the incredible views from your villa.

Sustainability at the Heart of the Business
One thing that really appealed to us when looking at Azulik was their eco-friendly practices and sustainability. This is incredibly well aligned with our collection from Meraki Beach, as we aim to empower women every day through our work with our fiercely ethical Silk collections. We are passionate about minimising our impact on the environment and helping the community in Mumbai, which is something that we share with the Azulik resort in Tulum. Azulik is also passionate about fashion and design, and this can be seen in their restaurants, boutique, and accommodation. Everywhere you turn, you’ll be blown away by the attention to detail and the stunning décor that is found around every corner.

If you need an escape from the cold winter weather this year, we couldn’t think of anywhere better to visit than Azulik in Tulum. You’ll love wearing the pieces from our collections around your villa and to dinner at night, where you’ll look just as fashionable and beautiful as the accommodation itself. For more information about Azulik and the accommodation options on offer, head to their website to learn more about everything they have in store for you on your trip.

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